10 Money-Saving Life Hacks Everyone Living in Saudi Ought to Know

Awis Kilani • 2022 Jul 28


Due to rapid growth in daily expenditures, it has become difficult for the people to meet them without proper planning and money-saving ideas. No doubt Saudi people enjoy great comfort of living, but they also need to know about saving their money. They have to manage their money in the best way. If you are living in Saudi Arabia permanently, you want to travel to earn your livelihood as many people come here to make double the amount they gain in their countries. 

Here are ten money-saving hacks that everyone living in this great country ought to know for living a better and more comfortable life. So let's get started. 

10 Money-Saving Life Hacks Everyone Living in Saudi Ought to Know

If you are a newcomer or a permanent Saudi resident, the following suggestions can be helpful for you. 

  1. Choose Accommodation According to Your Budget 

Saudi Arabia offers different types of accommodation based on the location and style of the house. Most companies here also provide housing allowances to their workers, but if you have to bear on your own, you should pick a place that should not be more than 25% of your monthly income. If you are not meeting this goal, you should change your accommodation that fits your budget. 

  1. Avail Daily Deals on Different Websites 

Cobone and 3lamodak are the best sites for those living in Saudi Arabia to browse daily deals on things like traveling, spas, and other goods. This way, you can select the best deals according to your budget, saving money. 

  1. Save While Eating Outside

It is good news for Saudi residents to get outstanding deals and discounts from hotels and restaurants. Entertainer booklet is the best option that you can get in just 295 riyals that includes additional coupons and crazy offers like buy one get one free and a complete lunch or dinner deal on discount. So whenever you plan to go out for a meal or vacation, they prefer to check it from the entertainer first and save your money. 

  1. Download Maps of the City You are Going to Visit 

When you plan to explore a new Saudi place, you might need help from Google maps which requires having data on your mobile, which can charge a high amount. So the good idea is to download the maps in advance and use it when you are traveling. This way, you can save money by avoiding expensive data charges. 

  1. Prefer Used Items 

There are some things that you can buy 2nd hand rather than spending more on buying new things. For example, you can buy a 2nd hand car in good condition and consider it unique because you will use it. You can also purchase the electronics and furniture goods in the old 2nd hand markets nearby. Not only this, but you can also sell the interest of your home that you do not want anymore. Hence you can save and make money in this way. 

  1. Get Rewards On your Purchases 

Most airlines, ticket reservations, and departmental stores offer cards to their regular customers to get discounts and shop free after earning specific points. So you should get these cards and always sign in when you visit that store or company. In this way, you can save a handsome amount of money. 

  1. Don't Use Credit Cards. 

Most credit cards offer rewards on credit card purchases, and it is usually very convenient to buy with credit cards rather than having cash in your pocket. But it is suggested not to use your credit cards for payments as sometimes you might avail yourself of binge shopping options that charge high interest later. When making payments with cash, you have to stay within your budget, and you can save your money. 

  1. Help Yourself 

When you are on a mission to save money and stay within your budget, wheat can be more fruitful than helping yourself. If you have a minor issue in your vehicle, you should be able to fix it by yourself rather than calling a mechanic and paying hundreds of riyals for it. Now it is the digital age, so you can resolve many of your problems by watching tutorials on YouTube and can save your money. But don't start working if you have no idea about the situation. 

  1. Take Your Lunch with You When Going Out 

Another money-saving tip is to prefer packing your lunch when leaving for your duty. It will take a few extra minutes, but you can save the money you spend buying your lunch outside. You will indeed consider it valuable when you will calculate your monthly savings. A plus point is that you will also stay healthy with home food rather than eating unhealthy junk and other restaurant meal. 

  1. Choose the Best Insurance 

Suppose you want to buy an insurance premium for medical, vehicle, or life. In that case, you should compare the premiums of different insurance companies and choose the best one that meets your requirements and provides high rewards. 

Hopefully, these tips will be valuable for you, and you will start saving money by adopting these suggestions in your daily routine in Saudi Arabia.