Top 10 Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia for Nonstop Shopping Spree

Awis Kilani • 2022 Jul 25


Shopping is a thing that can make everyone excited, and when it comes to exploring a new place, then shopping is also an essential thing. You will get plenty of options when you are on a Saudi tour. Saudi Arabia is a grand country to explore its traditions and cultures, but the visit will be incomplete without shopping. 

If you are on a Saudi tour and want to go out shopping or just window shopping, this tutorial will be very informative as it tells you the top 10 Saudi shopping malls to visit. So let's get started without further ado. 

  1. Al Khobar 

It is also known as Al-Rashid Mall, the best shopping mall on king Abdullah road. Various shopping options for national and international brands are popular due to the affordable products at a reasonable price. The architectural concept of the mall is of worth-seeing. So you must visit this excellent shopping complex during your Saudi trip. 

  1. Riyadh Gallery Mall

It is the biggest mall in the city because it has high-end brands with classic products. It gathers colossal crowds every time, and mostly the visitors are upper-class families. The water features and the luxurious design of the mall gain visitors' attention. It can be an excellent place for you if you are a foodie, as it contains numerous food halls. 

  1. Kingdom Centre Mall

This mall is situated in the tallest buildings in the country. It would help if you visited this remarkable building when you are on a mission to explore something new. This mall has four-season hotels, restaurants and apartments. When you want to shop under one roof, it will be your first choice where you will get food, shopping and enjoyment. 

  1. Rashed Mall, Medina 

It is the biggest mall in Medina with a great food court and classic brands. A blend of national and international cuisines makes it a unique food point. So if you are in Medina, your to-do list must contain a visit to Rashed Mall. You will be pleased to view the architectural design and structure. 

  1. Makkah Mall

It is the most visited mall because millions of pilgrims and locals come here to shop. It is a great place to explore fashion trends, but you might find that prices are relatively higher here just because it is in a prime location with a vast crowd. 

  1. Granada Center 

Those with a fashion craze should surely see this mall in Riyadh. It has two floors with up to 235 stores of national and international brands. It also has famous restaurants that also offer international cuisine. 

  1. Othaim Mall 

Othaim Mall is located in Dammam with multiple restaurants, a café, and a kid's play centre. For a family outing, you should visit this mall. It is a perfect location where you get all the services under one roof. And one thing you should not miss is the meal; once you eat, you will surely want to pack it while leaving for home. 

  1. Al Nakheel Mall 

This mall invites all the country's visitors as it is located in Riyadh with clean stores. It is considered a posh shopping centre because it is a very composed mall and people prefer it because they can enjoy their meals with calm. Visit here to see the offering of your favourite and popular brands. 

  1. Mall of Arabia 

When you have a short time and have to buy many things, then the mall of Arabia in Jeddah can be a good option because it has everything you need. You can buy jewellery, clothes, grocery, pottery and many more at one destination. It is the first unconventional shopping mall of its kind as it is unique due to its blend of national and international brands in clothing, food and others. Here you can experience shopping, entertainment, health facilities and dining. So take your family to this distinctive shopping complex. 

  1. Red Sea Mall 

This mall is also located in Jeddah and is among the most significant shopping complexes. It has multiple hotels and restaurants, covered parking of up to 5000 lorries and multiple renowned brands. It has all kinds of goods that people require regardless of age. So whenever you visit Saudi Arabia and want to visit a place to buy, eat and relax, then Red Sea Mall can be an option on your priority list. 

A shopping spree is essential for everyone on a trip, and Saudi Arabia is a great place to explore the beauty, heritage, culture, and archaeological history. So when you go to a Saudi shopping mall, you buy not only things but also watch the beauty and unique infrastructure which depicts the traditions and culture of the country, as well as entertainment points and food courts to enjoy local and international cuisine. Now when you know about the best malls in Saudi Arabia, you can pick one or two and make your trip memorable. 

Happy vacation!