The 15 Best Things To Do In Saudi Arabia 2022

awis Kilani • 2022 Jul 25


Saudi Arabia is now gaining more and more attraction from tourists, and people come here to explore its archaeological sites, cultural history, religious places and yummy food. Its desert, islands and emerging cities are worth seeing, and every place has its importance. If you plan a trip to Saudi Arabia this year, you must explore the things you should do during your visit to make it memorable and fantastic. This way, you will have a better idea about your activities and quickly get a good experience. 

This tutorial will provide the latest information about the 15 best things to do in Saudi Arabia. So let's get started.  

  1. Masjid-an-Nabwi 

The most important thing you should do is visit Masjid-an-Nabwi, where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is buried. It is the most significant religious sign for all Muslims. It was the place of the first-ever mosque in Islamic history, which the country's officials later supervised. The mosque is famous for its larger size and fantastic design as it is made of precious stones and marbles. 

  1. Old City of Jeddah

Jeddah is also a city worth seeing as it can take you to two different worlds, one to Mecca for pilgrims and on the other side it is a commercial centre. Here are different ancient things which display the traditions and culture of the country. 

  1. Kaaba 

Kaaba is the key to Muslim monuments as they gather here from around the world annually to perform Hajj. It is the point where they turn their eyes in every prayer and worship Almighty Allah. The walls of Kaaba are painted black, and their height is 13.1 meters. 

  1. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture 

King Abdulaziz Center celebrates the world's art, culture and different types of creation. It contains an idea lab, museums, a knowledge tower and many more. The structure of the centre depicts the picture of the past, present and future, that is why it is a place must visit. 

  1. Fifa Mountains 

Fifa Mountain is ideal for visitors as it rises 1800 meters above the sea. The area is known due to its archaeological sites, art and folk. People come here to enjoy mild weather. 

  1. Dolphin Show 

If you are travelling with kids, you should visit the theme park at Dammam, which features its famous dolphin show and many kiddie rides. The acrobats of dolphins surely impress you, and here you can also enjoy Halal food in the village restaurant. 

  1. Saudi National Museum

It is considered the critical state museum of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where there are significant exhibitions for visitors. More specifically, the show is divided into eight themes so one can enjoy the required theme. 

  1. Al-Faisal Skyscraper 

Now people crave to explore modern things, so Al-Faisal Skyscraper can be a great choice that is highest in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are 14 floors underground and 30 floors on the ground. Now, most restaurants are opening their branches on the tallest building to give customers a stylish view of the city. 

  1. Jannat al-Baqi

It is a historic place in Saudi Arabia, Jannat al-Baqi, as there are famous and influential personalities of Madina Buried. But now, it is not easy to find the tomb of anyone as hundreds of years are passed. There is a visitor area at this location. 

  1. SciTech Technology Centre 

This museum presents advancements in technology, chemistry and physics. The visitors can perform different experiments here. The school and college tours visit this worth seeing place for learning different discoveries. 

  1. Corniche 

 It is fun to visit Corniche because you will see a lot of beauty here like pools, charming fountains and different decorations. There are many departmental stores and shopping malls in the neighbourhood of Corniche. 

  1. Edge of the World 

If you are looking for something to be not missed during the Saudi tour, visit this natural rock formation where you can see sunset and sunrise as long as your eye can see. 

  1. Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Sea Park 

Here you can witness the beautiful glimpses of the Arabian Gulf and enjoy international cuisine in the restaurants in the park by sitting on large green landscapes. People come here to enjoy their weekends as the park is an open café. So be sure to add this visit to your to-do list while exploring Saudi Arabia.  

  1. Saudi Food 

How can someone complete a visit to a new place without tasting the excellent food? So be sure to eat traditional Saudi dishes, and you will be pleased to eat them. You can visit different food points to enjoy the yummy Saudi meal. 

  1. Shopping 

Every tour is incomplete without shopping, so visit the worth seeing places and shop for your favorite things. 

Saudi Arabia is a great place to explore in your holidays this year as it has multiple places worth seeing like deserts, islands, antiques, museums, parks, restaurants with various foods and many more. To confirm your ticket to Saudi Arabia and do the things mentioned in the tutorial.