7 Things to Know If You Are Planning to Trip to Saudi Arabia

Awis Kilani • 2022 Jun 14


Saudi Arabia is a great country to go on a trip to as it has a lot of places that one must want to explore, and the big news is that Saudi has opened tourism. People come across different corners of the world to explore its fantastic history, culture and heritage. The central point of the popularity of this great land is that here Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born, and it also has Holy Cities of Islam. 

Suppose you are planning to trip to Saudi Arabia and want to know the latest information that can make you organized on your trip. In this tutorial, you will read the 7 most important things you should consider while travelling to Saudi Arabia. So let's get started. 

7 Things to Know If You Are Planning to Trip to Saudi Arabia 

The following 7 things will be very informative for you during your trip to Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Saudi Visa 

The first and most important thing about Saudi visas is that there are only 49 countries which can apply for Saudi tourist visas via the official channel. So you should first check that your country of origin is on that list. If it is found, then you can apply on the website. Otherwise, you have to contact the nearest Saudi embassy. Those who have got UK and US visas can apply upon arrival. 

  1. Safety of Tourists in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is at a meagre crime rate, meaning there are robbery and mobile snatching cases. So you do not need to worry while travelling to Saudi Arabia as you are fully secured. Even if you are travelling alone, you can come without any worries. Hence your security is the responsibility of Saudi officials. 

  1. Packing 

When you are on a mission to explore a new place, especially in Saudi Arabia, you must pack your luggage with the right things. It would help to consider the clothing style, weather, traditions and heritage. For a Saudi trip, you have to pack long and loose and long outfits as it is a sacred place and people here wear simple clothes. But it does not mean that you should wear the abaya and long hijabs all around the country, but you must remain covered (male/female) in the kingdom. You can pack shawls, pants, scarves and long shirts for the Saudi trip. Make sure to pack a water bottle you can reuse during your stay in Saudi Arabia. And one more important thing, the national language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic, so if you have difficulty understanding it, then be sure to pack a phrasebook in your bag. 

  1. When to Visit Saudi Arabia? 

It is the most commonly asked question by most people planning a trip to Saudi Arabia: What is the best time to spend vacations here. So it would help if you visited at the average temperature because you might not enjoy the extreme weather. So it is suggested to plan your trip between November and February as these months have an average temperature. So make sure to not visit during July as it is considered the hottest month in Saudi Arabia. However, there may be rainfall during April. 

  1. What about Saudi Food? 

Saudi Arabia is famous for its archaeology and has different yummy dishes like Shawarma, Gahwa, falafel, Ruz Al Bukhari, and hummus. Some dishes are essential in almost every meal in Saudi, and you will see a bunch of dishes whenever you visit a Saudi restaurant or a dinner with your Saudi friend. Rice and meat (lamb or beef) are found primarily on most dishes flooded with different herbs to give them a unique taste. However, those who don't want to eat meat anyway can also get vegetarian dishes as options are available. 

  1. Payments 

Regarding payments in Saudi Arabia, you can take your credit card with you, which will benefit significant transactions, online shopping and other payments. There are money other apps that you can use for making payments. However, you can also use your credit card at ATM without paying an extra fee. But having cash in your pocket is also essential in some situations, as there might be a shop or restaurant which accepts only cash payments. 

  1. Traveling in Saudi Arabia 

When you arrive in Saudi Arabia and want to switch between cities, you must remember that there are only a few transport options. Most of the travelling is through cars. However, you can also travel on clean and comfortable buses, but it might cost you more than travelling by car. You can also use riding apps like Uber and Cream to hire a car for your next destination. 

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and get ready to travel to Saudi Arabia to visit fascinating sites and religious places. You will be pleased by the unique manners in the country. However, you must follow the country's rules to spend your vacations without hurdles. Hopefully, the article will be beneficial for you.