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Premitto is a company dedicated to creating intelligent solutions for businesses with several years of experience in creating innovative digital tools that simplify the purchase of products and services, based in Saudi Arabia. Premitto is a registered company under the name: Premitto LLC, and registration number: 6327922.

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Our work is focused on bridging the gap

We provide our business partners with advantages to stimulate their customers' interest through a dynamic and user-friendly mobile application that allows them to interact more closely with their audience.

We also seek to transform the shopping experience so that consumers can enjoy the best places for recreation, leisure, beauty, and more through discounts and digital coupons allowing them to find the best deals online.

We strive to be your one-stop solution, simplifying the entire process of digital vouchers and online offers from creation to validation. In addition, we are highly committed to driving the acquisition of premium quality products and services, expanding awareness of local brands and ventures, and thus positioning themselves in the market as references in their industry

To bring our customers the best user experience, we offer more than five different categories of businesses to find special deals and offers in-store. Also, we include one particular type: online promo codes so customers can buy online products and services that best suit their needs.

Shopping has never been easier and more fun!